A Registered Investment Advisor focusing on individual planning through accurate risk assessment and money management.

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Planning is a critical part of reaching your financial goals.  At Ridge Capital, no goal is too large or too small.   You can easily get started today by finding out your Risk Score.

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A solid road map will allow you to measure and realize your goals.  A focus on realistic programs designed specifically for you is a critical piece of recognizing and achieving those goals.


Stay informed with instant, online access to all of your  investment and asset management  accounts.  Reviews are held as often as necessary to assist you and help you stay on track.


Ridge Capital Advisors, LLC is a registered investment advisor.  All Ridge Capital advisor's are required to adhere to a fiduciary standard of care laid out in the US Investment Advisers Act of 1940.  Serving our client's best interest is not only a legal requirement, it is a core belief of our entire team of advisors.


Our Philosophy

Ridge Capital Advisors, LLC exists for a very clear reason.  We believe that investors who rely on investment professionals deserve understandable strategies that perform, while at the same time seek less risk and lower expenses.  Our individually tailored models eliminate fee layering and are continually looking for changes in cost and performance.  If we can reduce your cost and maintain the integrity of your account, we will make a change for your benefit.


Meet The Team

Kelly Kleinsasser



Tucson, Arizona


Mario Rodriguez


Investment Advisor

Carmichael, California


Steve  Finley


Investment Advisor

Oro Valley, Arizona



Conner Kleinsasser


Investment Advisor

Oro Valley, Arizona


Anthony Carrao

Investment Advisor

Phoenix, Arizona


"Never say 'That can't happen'.  Events happen in the market every day that have never happened before."


Kelly Kleinsasser - Founder and Principal, Ridge Capital Advisors, LLC


Our Services

What Can Ridge Capital Advisors Do For You?

Investment Strategy

is often overlooked.  Ignoring or overlooking this important aspect of a financial plan can have dire consequences.  We typically start this process with a risk assessment you can easily perform online in our office or in the comfort of our home.

Model Trading

allows allocation of your account to a specific model based on risk, volatility, and return assessments.  These models have been developed through decades of trading experience and seek low cost options to acheive the model's objectives.


Management can be utilized by engaging some of the top outside Money Managers in the world.  This third-party management can increase your expenses and is available through a partnership with Interactive Brokers Wealth Management.

Insurance Planning

is often overlooked.  Ignoring or overlooking this important aspect of a financial plan can have dire consequences. Although insurance products fall outside the scope of advisory and fiduciary services, Ridge Capital Advisors always considers proper integration of life insurance in a financial plan.

Retirement Planning

should be performed with a clear understanding of where you are today in relationship to where you are heading. An analysis of the amount of risk you are willing to acept to get there is critical and then creating a workable plan to reach your future income is key.

Estate Planning

is necessary for anyone with an investment or retirement account. Strategies are available that can help you with efficient wealth transfer.


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