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Ridge Capital

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If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Ridge Capital associated advisor keep reading to learn more about our platform for advisors.

Become an Advisor

Our Mission

Reduce Client Risk

Risk is measured through volatility and standard deviation.  Flexible portfolios allow each client to invest at their comfort level.

Reduce Client Fees

Low annual fees and the reduction of fee layering ensures clients aren't spending a fortune to protect their investments.

Maximize Client Returns

Returns  are based on risk adjusted returns.  Our goal is that each client receives the maximum returns for their respective risk level.

Advisor Resources


Brokers - ib

Interactive Brokers began in 1977 and is a U.S. based broker dealer (Greenwich, Connecticut) with over $7 billion in consolidated capital conducting business on over 120 market destinations in 31 countries. Their advisor platform offers extreme flexibility and the lowest pricing in the industry as ranked by Investor’s Business Daily



Ridge 1

Conservative - Balanced Growth with a 40% Treasury Bond Mix.


Ridge 2

Conservative Growth - Investing globally for balanced growth.


Ridge 3

Aggressive Growth - Investing for long-term returns.  U.S. and abroad.


Ridge 4

Invests in out of favor markets around the world.


Ridge 5

Seeks a high 12-month distribution yield investing in individual stocks and ETFs.


Ridge Value

Invests in individual stocks with specfic value characteristics including low Price/Sales ratios compared to peers

American Funds Advisory Shares

We offer the American family of funds to clients at a low management cost of .50% annually.  This is a flat fee arrangement and gives you access to all F2 shares.  Shares are held directly on the American Funds platform and statements are direct from American Funds.  American Funds offers numerous advantages, but they are especially valuable for the name recognition, professional management and low minimum deposit options available.  529 plans are also available through the American Funds platform. 



Client risk assessment is a critical component of any advisor/client relationship.  Riskalyze is client analysis software that helps drive alignment between clients and portfolios and assesses risk utilizing quantitative technology that sets realistic client expectations.

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